What's next?

I'm looking for some feedback on what you would like to see next on the web site!

If you have any idea, please post a message on the main message board or email me ehoffmann@ekhweb.com.

Here's some of the things I have in mind:

  • A 'word/definition' of the day (primarily investing terms)
  • Surveys. (Users would be able to make up their own surveys)
  • Allow rotation of pictures, perhaps zooming/cropping, changing to black&white, sepia, other color effects.
  • Ability to post articles/stories, each user could have a list of articles they have posted.  The author of the article could determine whether or not he/she would allow comments on the article.  Articles would be rated, just like pictures.
  • Make it easier to sort/manage your uploaded pictures.
  • Update the calendar so that you can put a picture for each date( picture of the person whose birthday it is..)
  • Allow users to post their own html pages/content. 
  • Extensions to the messageboard, to make it a more full functioning message board (multiple topics, support paging, allow searching for messages)
  • Have a 'home page' for each user.  After you log in, you would be taken to a screnn where you can see if anyone has added comments to your images or has written a message on your message board.
  • Make the resume wizard available to other users.  (Currently, there is section of this site that only I have access to, an attempt at creating an online resume builder wizard.  Thus far, it is not incredibly elegant, but I would be interested in having other people try it out and tell me what needs to change to actually make it useful.)

There are lots of other things I have in mind, but I will not bore you with these right now... (About half are changes which are internal to the web site that most people will not see, the other half are stepping stones to a commercial (money making) site.)

Thanks for taking the time to think about this!

Posted on June/17/2004 07:54:19 by ehoffmann
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