Web Site Updated!

Changed/New Items:

  • Menus for page are now data driven. This allows me to change the menus more easily.
  • Fixed broken image display on search screen (oops)
  • Border added around HTML edit control to make it more obvious.
  • Comment View control, change to not compact body as much
  • Bug Fix: Admin Batch Import was not cleaning up subdirectories.
  • *New* Edit screen for title/description of an uploaded file.
  • *New*Admin screen for managing/deleting email audit entries
  • Feature update, resume wizard, now allows moving work experience sections up/down within the resume.
  • *New* Web service feed for Microsoft Knowledge base articles - Keeping the geek informed.
  • The upload screen defaults to 10 images to upload, allows more than 10 as a max.
  • The Album list on upload page now sorts by album name, rather than album sort order (that was confusing)
  • Attempt to make the slideshow more robust.
  • Updated album/image display pages to allow right click, open in new window functionality.
  • Updated new pictures/all users's pictures page to NOT have an annoying 'flutter'
  • Updated the main page to display the 10 most recent news postings, up from 3.
  • Album list page now tells you how many pictures in the album
  • Album list page now tells you if an album has new pictures
  • Album list page now has a direct link to the slideshow for each album
  • Updated maximum upload size for files to upload
  • Default page now shows a thumbnail of the new pictures
  • Header control shows a phrase/definition on each page. (cached)
  • A basic, rather generic terms and conditions page added
  • There is now a quota on the number of image uploads per user (sorry - disk space is NOT free)
  • Update to 'Batch import' - new user defaults to logged in user, shows existing album names
  • 'View Files' now shows file size in kilobytes
  • Login fields now available on the side menu bar.
  • *New* user level feature to allow accounts to be requested online
  • *New* admin level features to manage account requests
  • User record in DB now has active flag, comment field
  • Admin - User list shows number of uploaded images per user.
  • Logging implementation fleshed in (db logging)
  • *New* Admin log review page
  • Fixed bug: Hitting 'enter' on dictionary page now initiates a search
  • *New* private home page for Users!
  • *New* Private Messages for users (Send messages to other users)
  • Structure 'UserLoginHistory' added to site to help track usage
  • Minor bug fixes (too many to list)
  • Users can now only edit/delete files they uploaded
Posted on August/16/2004 03:14:58 by ehoffmann
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