Build 12

04-03-2004 11:15:33
There's been more updates to the web site!

  • Added 'Events this Month' to the front page.
  • Data driven 'Meta tags' for the web pages
  • New Administrator page for editing the 'Meta tags' for the site
  • Using HTMLArea 3.0 RC 1, allowing better text/html editing for comments. This is a RC build, and may still have a few bugs in it.
  • You can now subscribe to a mailing list! This will let you know of upcoming events, news, and new pictures. ( Your email address will NOT be shared with anyone! ) The mailing list will be published on a 'when I feel like it' basis at first. If you have family news you want published, let me know! Encourage everyone to sign up!
  • Admin Email Template editing screen. (uses HTMLArea 3.0, RC1)
  • Send Email screen gets an admin mode: send to mailing list, send to all users.
  • Send Email screen updated with HTMLAread 3.0, RC1
  • Viewing Resumes as RTF (so recruiters can save in their favorite format (word))
Posted on January/08/2005 05:27:21 by ehoffmann
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