Build 15
  • New pictures background on home page now has a black background.
  • Implemented IDisposable on SqlContext... (auto rollback transaction if not committed..)
  • Client side script to disallow uploading images on File upload page
  • Added a feature to the image album that allows you to specify whether new or old pictures appear first in the album
  • New feature to view pictures uploaded by date
  • Implemented URL redirection/rewriting HttpModule.  Used for handling urls for www.ppillc.net, www.ProfessionalPropertyInvestments.com
  • Web.Config now uses PrefixedAppSettingsReader, allows me to keep config files in the same place.
  • Additional of several new components (back end, not visible to users) (Crypto, misc utility)
  • Removal of spurious informational log entry.
  • BatchImport - Changed defaults on screen, changed to delete 'thumbs.db' as well when cleaning up directories.
  • If you removed the album's cover image from the album, no longer keeps that image as the cover image (defaults to first in album)
  • Minor changes to the site's look (different font/sizes, some minor page layout changes)
  • Edit File page now uses rich text editor
  • Minor reformatting on the View Files page
  • Security Fix: KB887459 (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=887459)
  • Side bar menu now supports expand/contract hotspot
  • Sent emails now use the 'from' address typed in, instead of system@ekhweb.com
  • Added a link to edit album/return to albums on album page
  • Added a comment board to the 'about site' page, so I can add all build notes there.
  • Basic Content Management implemented - per user dynamic pages- Add your own content to this site (if you are a member)
Posted on January/08/2005 05:14:49 by ehoffmann
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