Build 17
Build 17 5/14/05
  • Admin Screen - Automated export of menu data SQL so I don't have to think as hard.
  • Added edit album link on every album page (if logged in)
  • *New* Structure: ObjectRoleAccess
  • *New* - Can now restrict access to your Dynamic Pages to Logged in Users/other roles
  • Spaces and other special characters are now allowed as part of a Dynamic Page Name
  • *New* option for DynamicPages, OnePartConfigurablePage
  • *New* DynamicPagePart: SimpleCommentControl
  • Initial generic mechanism for editing of settings for DynamicPageParts in place.
  • Modification to Admin screens for editing role/function associations
  • Expanded framework join support from inner only to inner, left outer, right outer, full outer.
  • Extended Comment board to allow replies per comment.
  • Cleanup/Reorganization of 'Return URL' handling in BasePage
  • Common injection of js for HTMLArea, overlib in the base page
  • *New* Extended calendar functionalty - recurring events, similar to outlook recurrence.
  • *New* calendar 'Month' view
  • Usage of 'overlib' for popup info tooltips in some areas.
  • Now retains camera meta data in uploaded images
  • Added concept of Groups & GroupMembership
  • *New* DynamicPage type - a page with left, right, center columns; unlimited page parts.
  • *New* DynamicPagePart - CalendarEvents - Allows access to a private calendar on your dynamic age
  • *New* Settings editor for Dynamic Page parts - allows setting part name, security & custom settings (per part)
  • Fixed site SMTP setting - hosting providers changed it & I did not notice.
  • Updated admin user management screen to assign/remove group membership
  • Image search layout changed slightly, results no longer limited to 300px height.
  • Fixed a config file snafu on
  • Updated framework to automatically set the UpdateDate property, if present in the class type
  • *New* Add/Edit Group page for Admin
  • Dynamic Pages enabled for Groups
  • Picture pages enabled for Groups
  • *New* Recent Pictures Dynamic Page Part - show yours/group's recent pictures on your Dynamic Page.
  • Removed confusing second set of login text boxes on login/logout screens.
  • Added overrides for recurring calendar events, so you can change the name/description/time/duration of an instance of a recurring event.
  • Added ability to password protect a dynamic page.
  • Reworked the Admin Menu Editor to be simpler, less buggy
Posted on May/14/2005 10:41:46 by ehoffmann
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