New Look and Feel, New Build
Build 18 went up last night, changes include:
  • Hiding of sidebar menu in an attempt to make the pages less cluttered
  • Changed formatting slightly on image album page for mozilla
  • Fixed Bug: Looking at calendar month view, goto new month, edit a date, save, you're back at the current month, not the month you were viewing
  • Fixed bug: Viewing a future month, click 'add date', screen was not defaulting to the currently visible month
  • Fixed bug: rich text editor (htmlarea) undo/redo functions were not working
  • Added a dropdown to switch users on the menu sidebar menu
  • Updated how/where messages get posted.
  • Updated look and feel of message boards
  • Calendar Events page part - made showing popups an optional setting, off by default
  • Calendar Events page part - made showing the time period header an optional setting, off by default
  • Admin Menu Editor: Clone tree - copys entire selected menu tree to new name..
  • BasePage now automatically sets up Menu Names for all contained Menus..
  • Using skmMenu for drop down menu control
  • Going to your 'private homepage' is now optional (defaults to NO)
Posted on June/20/2005 05:16:31 by ehoffmann
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