Build 21 - .NET 2.0
Build 21 8/7/2006
This build is the first published .NET 2.0 build. The .NET 2.0 conversion was begun 5/2005 & worked on (very) part time since.
  • ******* Conversion to ASP.NET 2.0 ********** (more details to be posted later)
  • Fixed edit link from Calendar/Default.aspx
  • Updated redirect rules to allow ppi llc sites to load correctly w/o the www.
  • Change to PersistentObject to use the built in DataSet data versioning functionality. Reduces object size by roughly half.
  • Updated framework to use .Net 2.0 DbProviderFactory instead of my 1.1 factory
  • Updated internals of ObjectList to use List<ObjectListEntry> instead of ArrayList.
  • SortableContainer.EntrySorter, ClassTypeMap, ApplicationObjectCache, InsertBuilder, ObjectCache, ObjectList, TypeLayer, PersistentObject, Query, SearchCondition, SqlContext converted to use Generic types for all collection/enumerator/enumerable comparer implementations
  • Site wide, updated to use specific generic types wherever possible for stronger type checking
  • Making the change to transitional doctype from 4.0 Transitional
  • Migrated to the ASP.Net Menu control instead of skmMenu (skmMenu still supported)
  • Updated cookie check JS code to be more robust (in new header versions)
  • Updated Admin/MenuEditor to use the built in new TreeView web control
  • Added a new JS function (/js/scrollPosition.js) to help retain scroll positions within divs/etc over postbacks
  • Updated PPILLC pages to use it's own App_Theme
  • Re-implemented 'favorites' page using TreeView control. Override TreeNode methods
    protected override void RenderPreText(HtmlTextWriter writer)
    protected override void RenderPostText(HtmlTextWriter writer)
    To inject more child controls to each node.
  • Updated PageMetaTag to be site specific - PPILLC was having metatags in it, which showed up in the search engine results! Not a good thing.
  • Updated Admin screen 'PageRoleAccess.aspx' to show single page view by default, all pages option still available.
  • Fixed a bug in PersistentObject where empty result sets where being cached.
  • Replaced current contact page with static content.
  • New MenuEditor token: {UserListRoot:Pictures} - Supported in HorizontalDropDownMenu only currently
  • Added 'UpdateBuilder' to persistence library
  • Refactored User & Security related Business Objects to be part of the Hoffmann.persistence dll
  • ObjectList: operator + implemented for Union, operator - for Difference.
  • ObjectList: Intersection method added
  • ObjectList: SymmetricDifference method added
  • Implemented ObjectUserAccessEditor.ascx (UniversalComponent) for managing user specific 'allow' access to specific objects
  • Updated the 'about site' page
  • *New* Can now password protect files - A password must be entered prior to downloading a file with a password
  • *New* Can now mark files as public/private - you can control which users can view your private files. (Can be combined with password) (Give people 'View Object' access to the file to allow them to download the file)
  • *New* Under the user's 'Stuff' menu, a filtered view of files uploaded by that person is now available.
  • *New* Updated view file page to have 'upload' links, regardless of logged in status. (still must login to upload)
  • *New* Can now set your 'home page' on the site to a dynamic page (via Preferences)
Posted on August/08/2006 03:10:00 by ehoffmann
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