Build 22 Posted

Build 22 Changes: 

  • Removed View SlideShow link from main album page (when have thousands of images; did not work so well)
  • Added slideshow link to ViewAlbumImages.aspx
  • Re-applied Indexes to tables (got lost somewhere in history..)
  • ¬†Removed ReadSide object support in favor of direct access to original read side value from object property
  • Removing use of DataSet/DataRow as the backing store for the business objects
  • Adding reflection caching for Attributes, Contructors, PropertyInfo
  • Simplifying logic by removing current Access support (unused & not maintained)
  • Adding support for loading objects via stored procedures in addition to existing dynamic SQL generation.
  • Changing from using DataSet to DataReader for loading objects
  • Updated postForCopy.bat for new projects/folders
  • Sites share common appConfig where possible.
  • Added DNS: images.ekhweb.com
  • Initial web services @ services.ekhweb.com
Posted on January/10/2007 08:48:49 by ehoffmann
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