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Changes in Build 25: & related

  • Since my hosting company decided to move my applications on disk w/o telling me; I decided I needed to make it easier on myself to fix when that happens. (previously I was storing absolute physical paths to files in the DB)
  • Put setting IMAGE_UPLOAD_ROOT in config file rather than DB
  • Updated common config to have setting for ROOTHOSTINGFOLDER so that I can change it on one place when the hosting company decides to move my files.
  • Updated so that new files/images are saved with path w/ token '%ROOTHOSTINGFOLDER%' instead of hard root 'C:\somefolder\etc..'
  • Updated menu control to use ASPNET CSS control adapators. This allows the menu HTML to be smaller and perform better.
  • Updated pages/html to be better xhtml transitional compliant.
  •  Admin\LogReview.aspx - Changed delete to a link button to force it to work in firefox.
  • FIXED: Form submission in Firefox.
  • Bug in app_code\CommonPage.cs - Codebase for preventing duplicate form submissions was breaking the form submission completely in firefox when validators existed on the page. Disabled the duplicate post check on form submission for now. Data update: Corrected the 'datetaken' attribute on a few hundred images. When I did the initiall population; the import took attributes from like named files - however, these files came from different cameras. Merged in changes from ImageCopy related to EXIF tag extraction to the main imaging dll. (Memory leak, thumbnail extraction)
  • Merged in changes from ImageCopy related to EXIF tag extraction to the main imaging dll. (Memory leak, thumbnail extraction)
  • Fixed : Admin screens - sending mail to all users on the mailing list.
  • Replaced HTMLArea with FCKEditor (
  • Transaction.cs - corrected a connection leak in transaction commit/rollback
  • Resume RTF Serving page was incorrectly having a theme applied, causing an error
  • Fixed bug in resume display where Work/Educaction sections not loading from disk correctly.

Updated Image Copy Util for my new camera

  • Allow copying into date named subfolders
  • Added directory recursion to the interface
  • Added capability to read the EXIF 'Orientation' tag,
  • Added ability to perform lossless compression & rotation on JPEG after reading.
  • recognizes camera/card type from folder structure

Image Upload Utility

  • Sort album names
  • Remove: should move to the NEXT image, not the previous
  • Add images popup - default to last used album
Posted on December/13/2007 06:00:16 by ehoffmann
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