Build 24


  • Cleaned root folder of site in live - re-organization @ hosting facility
  • Updated New Images page to have same layout as the albums page;
    updated the layout direction from top to bottom to right to left in the thumbnails
  • Refactored image upload bits to allow sharing common code with services.ekhweb.com
  • New account, image, and upload web services using WSE 3.0 (Microsoft Web Services Enhancements ) to enable MTOM for more efficient data transfer.
  • Removed centering of content in the comment viewer.
  • Added more books to the book list.
  • ImageCopy utility - now captures the first frame of a MPG as the thumnail view, better progess indication on large files
  • Uploaded New Images/Album view page to show 2 columns instead of 3 for larger thumbnail
  • Fixed issue on imagesearch.aspx - was not scrolling results, was not seaching in firefox.
  • Updated configs due to hosting facility moving root of my sites on physical disks (paths stored in DB/config no longer valid.) - I wish they had notified me of this.
Posted on April/16/2007 08:42:31 by ehoffmann
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