Build26 was just posted

I just put up Build 26 - primarily a UI refresh, but there are plenty of bug fixes and otherenhancements in the mix as well.

Things you may want to check out:

  • Updated slideshow -  You'll have to install Silverlight if you don't already have it - the page should prompt you when you load it.
  • A bit simplified image upload page with progress bar
  • New look and feel

First, let you know about a few changes that were deployed prior to today

  • Added link to Mom's condo's web page..
  • Something is wrong with the ie 6 specific style for the menu - causes ie 6 to LOCK when processing the li class="AspNet-Menu-Leaf". Disabling it for now (which means menus in IE 6 will not look very good).
  • Migrated home db server to SQL2005 - no code changes required at this point
  • Updated copyright metatags on site (data only)
  • Fix in Image\GetImage.aspx.cs that was causing 'new picture' emails to have broken links

Changes in Resume Editor

  • Updated to preview resume on EACH page of editing (at bottom)
  •  Added move up/down; edit options to EditWorkExperience.aspx, EditWorkExperience.aspx, OtherSections.aspx, EditOtherSection.aspx, EducationSection.aspx
  • Updated resumeprogress.ascx to not cause page validation
  • Added Resume.IsActive flag to allow multiple versions of resume to exist
  • Added Resume.Clone() method to allow me to work on multiple versions
  • Added Resume.Delete() override to allow quick cleanup
  • Added Resume import/export to XML


  • Split implementation of SortableContainer to helper class; defined ISortableContainer implementation
  • Added support for boolean to PersistentObject
  • Added low level support for serialization to from XML for PersistentObject
  • Using CSS buttons based on example at tp://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibrary/item/bold_css_buttons/
  • Updated logout screen to redirect you to home page after 5 seconds.
  • Altered UI on RequestAccountPage a bit; 
  • Gave all pages except the home page a 10px left padding on the content region.
  • Removed imgMainStatic && code referencing it..
  • Overall, updated sitewide default for <a> elements - for some reason I had it stuck on xxsmall font.
  • Updating look of menu w/ CSS changes + graphics inspired by http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibrary/item/solid-block-menu/
  • Stripping out the left hand nav menu; no longer desire it on the pages.
  • Update Admin/LogEntry.aspx page to allow deletion of log entries by filter, clearing all entries, 'wild card' matches on searches + display of total entries

Pictures Area changes

  • Updated how 'new pictures' are shown on the homepage
  • Updated UI on Album List page to be more consistent
  • Implemented paging on ViewAllMyImages.aspx for userimages, newimages (but not group images at this time)
  • ViewAllMyImages.aspx - added a loading splash animation
  • Tried to simplify the image/file upload pages a bit, updated UI
  • Updated Image Upload page to upload all images to the same album
  • Removed 'attributes', and 'preview' from image uploading
  • Added use of http://www.brettle.com/neatupload for uploading (progress bar, memory utilization)
  • Updated upload field selection to be client side & not upload on change, only on submit
  • SlideShow: Changed to use http://www.codeplex.com/SlideShow - a Silverlight 1.0 component from http://www.vertigo.com/slideshow.aspx
  • Added breadcrumb navigation in the image area w/ icons.

File List / File Uploading

  • File uploading updated as well as it uses the same control as image uploading
  • Updated the the look of the View Files page a bit.
Posted on April/24/2008 07:46:32 by ehoffmann
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