Images Are Back!

Pictures are now available again.

My hosting facility now has a feature called 'Security Guard' - a sort of application level firewall.

It's intent is to 'help' you increase the security of the site by auto-magically attempting to protect you from SQL injection and RSS type attacks, as well as preventing people from linked to your images and files from another site.

It sounds good and all, and they turned it on by default for all sites.

However, it completely broke my image serving.  I host my images in a subdomain: images.ekhweb.com & serve them from www.ekhweb.com & www.drakehoffmann.com

The application firewall intepreted that as someone wanting to direct link to my images and refused to serve them.

I opened up the security on that application firewall so that the images can be served as normal.



Posted on June/18/2008 11:44:12 by ehoffmann
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