Build 29

What's new in Build 29

  • Added Summary to BlogEntry, conditionally show it if filled in.
  • Added summary display to list of blog entries in category view.
  • FullBlogEntryViewer, added date posted 'badge'
  • Blog/Default - changed recent/category to right col from left.
  • Using NiftyCube in select areas (ViewImageAlbumns.aspx so far)
  • Updated general look on blog/default.aspx
  • ViewFullBlogEntry.ascx - added link back to category.
  • Updated text on condo links.
  • Added link to home page.
  • BlogCategory List - added display of number of entries.
  • Blog - made sure entry and category lists have tooltips
  • Blog - added a calendar view
  • Blog - updated font size on right hand side nav.
  • Blog - sets page title and metatags based on what you're viewing.
  • Blog - If only ONE item in category, just show it
  • Image albums page - fixed issue where year list was not correct for non-site owner users
  • Image albums page - changed so that if no albums in last 365 days, displays previous year with content.

Posted on December/20/2009 12:46:47 by ehoffmann
Categories: Build Notes