Build 28 Upgrade

I just posted Build 28, highlights include

  • Upgraded to ASP.NET 3.5 service pack 1 across all sites & web services
  • Upgraded to http://www.brettle.com/neatupload 1.3.11 from 1.2.27 -   I modified this version slightly (removing some branding, etc) (Permissible by the author)
  • Fixed: Image/ViewAllMyImages.aspx?ViewNewForUser=true - ( When viewing new images; make sure newest pictures shown first, not last.)
  • Fixed: a bug in image uploader; sometimes albumname coming across as blank
  • Updated so that when you click on an image from the home page, it takes you to that album with the image selected.
  • When logging in, focus now on the username field
  • Extended 'MyPages' functionality so that site admin can specify arbitrary URLs, not just those hosted under /MyPages/
  • Updated menu to optionally show/hide a custom content page
  • Updated the UI on the dynamic content pages a bit to remove some distracting CSS that was being applied



Posted on July/11/2009 06:39:56 by ehoffmann
Categories: Build Notes