Build 31
  • Fixed URL in data - menu link under Users, select user; from ~/SelectUser.aspx?next=Image/ViewAlbumns. to ~/SelectUser.aspx?next=Image/ViewAlbumns.aspx
  • Added ability to have multiple categories for a blog entry, updated services endpoint so I can assign them in the web interface and with Live Writer
  • Added ability to use the Windows Live Writer 'Excerpt' field to populate the blog summary field.
  • Implemented TypedList<T>, converted Blog business objects to use, replaced implementation of IEnumerable<T>/IEnumerator<T> with C# yield return iterator type implementation
    • This is to enable easier use of LINQ to objects w/ my business object flavors..
  • Updated code gen template to use TypedList & .Load...<T> methods on SqlContext
  • Updating to have a min-height on all pages.
  • Stripped references to hosting company
  • Added new test page to dump site metainfo for debugging
  • Fix on getfile.aspx to more efficiently transfer files & to not include extra 'junk' at end of file
  • Put into place a change in CMSRedirectorRule.cs to attempt to work around hosting facility that uses url rewriting to host domains in subfolders.
  • Fixed bug in slideshow data generation - it was not properly escaping literals for xml
  • Fixed master pages to allow more correct inclusion of CSS allowing site to run in virtual directory rather than root.
  • Disabled jumping out of frames
Posted on March/31/2010 10:26:07 by ehoffmann
Categories: Build Notes