Build 33 posted

Real life intervened for quite a while – it has been a bit since I have updated the web sites – here’s what’s new:

- Got backup from hosting facility
- Updated home page to limit number of entries displayed.
- Fixed editing calendar date - if event had event date it was not correctly selected.
- Updated CalendarEvent - promoting 'Birthday' to it's own type, updating display in a couple of places
- Updated to .NET 4.8 (finally), converted from 'web site' project to 'web application' type.
- Updated home page lazy load to use loading="lazy" instead of jQuery lazy load
- Removed Silverlight slideshow, replaced with PhotoSwipe gallery
- Added additional navigation arrows on the album page
- Updated C:\MyDocuments\Visual Studio Projects\WebFramework\StartWebDevServers.bat to use IISExpress instead of older webdev server
- Verified web services calls (from drakehoffmann.com -> ekhweb.com)
- Updating style on drakehoffmann.com slightly, added in photoswipe.
- Removed google analytics script - will re-add later - it is an old implementation and getting blocked by ad blockers anyways
         <script src="//www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
         <script type="text/javascript">
             _uacct = "UA-1207493-1";
- Replaced FCKEditor text editor with TinyMCE. FCKEditor was really old. There was an updated CKEditor, but I did not like it's license/limitations.
     - Using the open source version from https://www.tiny.cloud/get-tiny/
     - I implemented image upload handling: https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/tinymce/6/upload-images/
     - I wrapped it in a user control with same interface as the old FCKEditor, replacing all the old usages
         <%@ Register TagPrefix="uc1" TagName="TinyMCEEditor" Src="~/Controls/TinyMCEEditor.ascx" %>
         <uc1:TinyMCEEditor ID="Editor1" runat="server"></uc1:TinyMCEEditor>   
- Updated from jQuery 1.7.1 to 3.7.1
- Removed old JS library (not used): js\NiftyCube
- Removed old JS library (not used): js\htmlarea
- Updated include of js\common.js to include file modification timestamp to bust caches
- Added 'IsObsolete' to MenuItem, updated management screen to allow setting
- drakehoffmann.com - converted to web application from web site template
- services.ekhweb.com - converted to web application from web site template
- Changed from Nunit to using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting
- Added FluorineFx to use initially for it's http compression module
     also needs 'log4net, Version=,
- Added image/getimage.ashx, registered in web.config
             <add verb="*" path="image/getimage.ashx*" type="GetImageHandler"/>

Posted on January/01/2024 02:14:44 by ehoffmann
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